Pallokas with and without light.

Pallokas with and without light.

Pallokas, 2017

Pallokas is a foldable pendant light made from lasercut thin PEFC sertified birch plywood. The specific cutting pattern used makes the plywood bend but also allows light to pass. The ropes holding the wooden part are recycled from sailing use. The materials needed for the lightweight pendant are minimal, as well as the amount of wood waste thanks to the designed plywood's cut pattern. Different materials of the pendant are easily separated, which makes the pendant easily recyclable.

Materials: birch plywood, recycled sailing ropes, light assembly, magnets.

The prototype is exhibited in Habitare Fair 2017, as part of the annual Ecodesign exhibition, where the themes were to use PEFC sertified wood and to design objects that can be packed flat.

Pallokas is an Ecodesign take on Nosto.